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What do you need to know to get Permanent Residency in Singapore?

How Singapore can become your new home – applying for Permanent Residency in Singapore

Immigration to Singapore is often called “little unrealistic idea”: all programs receiving permanent residence in Singapore focused on the very rich and a large investment in the economy. It is the main passage to the Singapore citizenship.
In immigration procedures Singapore has several unique features. Two of them are positive. First – Singapore is may be considered as only country where you can apply to permanent residence not only your child, but your parents.
Second is about second citizenship. In contrast to China and Hong Kong, Singapore citizenship and passport can be obtained through naturalization after only two years of residence. This is one of the lowest in the world terms of naturalization – it is connected, of course, with a huge investment that is required to obtain permanent residence in Singapore. Singapore citizenship is granted to businessman, his wife and children under the age of 21 years. Unofficial requirement for citizenship is own business which the applicant should get after two years of life in the country.
Other thing that is required to have – visa. Getting Singapore visa is quick and easy procedure and to make it “no problemo” you may contact Singapore visa experts.
Unpleasant feature of citizenship of Singapore is that in this country it is illegal to possess other citizenship.
How you can get a permanent residence in Singapore, the answer is one: investment. From 1 January 2011, the Government of Singapore has increased the size of the required investment. Now, potential applicants have two options:
– An investment of S$ 2.5 million in a new business or expanding an existing business;
– An investment of 2.5 million Singapore dollars to the fund, approved by the GIP – Global Investor Programme, which controls the process of investing.
To become a member of this immigration program, the applicant must meet several criteria:
– Have considerable experience in business;
– To have entrepreneurial education or training;
– To have your own business plan
– The money turnover of his company must be about 30 million Singapore dollars a year in recent years.
In addition to the investment program, in Singapore there is a possibility of so-called passive investments. This scheme is called the Financial Investor Scheme, it implies that the applicant has personal assets worth at least 20 million Singapore dollars, and invests 10 million to financial assets of the organization, whose activities are regulated by the Monetary Authority Singapore.
Singapore – a quality response to the unpredictability of the future in the international business and perhaps the best place to do business in Southeast Asia.

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