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Windows vs. Linux – Which Is Better?

For basic HTML web sites, there is no apparent difference.As you may have guessed, Windows and Linux accounts are differentiated by the operating system platform that the server runs on. Windows is a Windows 2000 (or the new Windows server 2003), which are both very much like the Microsoft Windows ...

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Operating Systems – File Systems

Introduction: In an operating system, the file system is the structure by which files are organized, stored, and named. The file system determines what features and controls you have with regards to the organization, maintenance, and security of your data. Different file systems handle this job differently and vary in ...

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Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure Study Guide ( 70-216 )

Installing, Configuring, Managing, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting Protocols in a Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure NetBEUI Almost no longer in use. Communicate via broadcast. No configuration at all – very easy to use. Cannot pass through a router. Good for very SMALL peer to peer network. You may need it for backward ...

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