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Smart Salesforce Data Cleansing Strategies

Smart Salesforce Data Cleansing Strategies     Reliable data is the lifeblood of any commercial organization. It’s particularly vital to sales departments — inaccurate data leads to wasted man-hours and missed sales opportunities. If you’re using Salesforce to handle your customer data, you have a tremendously powerful tool that can ...

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How To Use Salesforce Consulting Platform?

It is obvious that every company strives for profit. Better sales and expansion on the market are eternal goals of every business. This is definitely not a game for amateurs. It is a battlefield where only the best can survive. This is a reason why you have to learn how ...

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Top Ten Salesforce.com APplications in App Exchange !

As i was reviewing the sales force here are some applications grading with top user experience . SalesView: Of all the free Apps on the exchange list, Sales View may be perhaps the most valuable for your sales team. This App which was built specifically for Sales Force allows your ...

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