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Security+ (CompTIA)

COMPTIA Security Class Outline: This course contains 6 Domains as follows. Domain 1: Network Security = 21% Domain 2: Compliance and Operational Security = 18% Domain 3: Threats and Vulnerabilities = 21% Domain 4: Application, Data and Host Security = 16% Domain 5: Access Control and Identify Management = 13% ...

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Access Control

In the information technology field, access control gives opportunity to a partial or selective access to a place or other resources. The actual meaning of accessing is entering, consuming or using. Authorization means is to access a resource. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning You will be able to know ...

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Security – Network Security

Introduction: The final section for domain 6.0 will focus on network security, which in many ways is the most important. The ability to control the transmission of information and access to remote resources should be the front line of a defensive security strategy. Firewalls: In the previous Operating System Security ...

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