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Comptia Network+ (NetBios)

There are several different methods of resovling names to IP addresses. Before getting into the different methods, it is important to understand the role of NetBIOS. When talking about Netbios, we typically refer to the concept of Netbios name which is the name assigned to your computer. Netbios allows applications ...

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Network Protocols

Introduction: The function of a network is to share resources between computers. In order for this to happen the computers must be able to “talk” to each other which is accomplished with the use of protocols which are essentially a set of “rules” that govern communication over a network. Computers ...

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Active Directory Study Guide ( 70-217 )

What is Active Directory? Active Directory or A.D. is the antithesis of NT 4.0’s LanManager. It is essentially a database of network resources(known as objects) and information about each of these objects. This is not a new concept as Novell and Banyan have used directory services for years. Familiarity with ...

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