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Smart Salesforce Data Cleansing Strategies

Smart Salesforce Data Cleansing Strategies




Reliable data is the lifeblood of any commercial organization. It’s particularly vital to sales departments — inaccurate data leads to wasted man-hours and missed sales opportunities. If you’re using Salesforce to handle your customer data, you have a tremendously powerful tool that can store, track, and improve your data if you use it properly. Take a look at these Salesforce data cleansing suggestions to see what you can to make your own data more reliable.



Gear Up To Do Real Work


For starters, you have to bear in mind that data integrity, like a lot of Salesforce tasks, isn’t something you can accomplish by simply wishing it into being. Cleansing your data isn’t something you can expect your employees to do in a few spare minutes while they’re free. In order to make your data accurate and keep it that way, you need to make Salesforce data cleansing a real priority.


This means you’ll have to allocate resources — both people and money — to improving the quality of your data. The final piece of the puzzle is documentation. All of the effort you put into cleaning up your Salesforce data will end up wasted unless you carefully track your goals and the means you use to accomplish them.



The Attention Your Data Needs


Salesforce data cleansing is a job that has many parts. Your first step is to document how you want your records to look. It’s worth your time to deliberate at this stage; making a mistake with your data template can waste a lot of time further on. Next you need to clean your existing records to ensure that they conform to your new format.


Eliminating duplicate records comes next, and this can be an extremely challenging job for a lot of Salesforce users. There are many software tools (both free and paid) that can help root out duplicates, but the process always require human decision-making at the end. Once you’ve done your best to delete your duplicates, you’re ready to start thinking about automating your Salesforce data cleansing process.



Make Salesforce Data Cleansing An Ongoing Effort


Hopefully you didn’t think that cleaning up your Salesforce data was a one-time chore! If you’ve already been through the steps described above, you know all too well how much of a hassle data clean-up can be. In order to avoid another run through the gauntlet in the future, you need to set up procedures and automation to keep your data as clean as possible in the future.


Even without adding more data to your system, you’ll need to check your records regularly to keep them up-to-date. This is particularly important in the field of sales — what good does it do you to hang onto a potential customer’s contact information if you let it go out-of-date? Fortunately, you can add several different automated plug-ins to Salesforce that can go help you police your data and keep it clean



Like a lot of software packages, Salesforce has tremendous potential, but it has to be fed on a steady diet of reliable data to deliver useful results. Launching an effort to clean your data and keep it clean requires a significant investment, but it’s an absolutely necessary one if you want your organization to utilize the full power of Salesforce.

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