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Improving your content using SEO Google guidelines

Improving your content using SEO Google guidelines

Content is the backbone of any successful online platform through which a company or individual provides information to their clients or readers. It is for this reason that businesses should strive to provide content that is relevant and interesting to readers so that they can become regulars and even share some of the information on social media. However, to increase the chances of success when posting online content, it is advisable to pay special attention to the SEO guidelines set up by Google. Google is one of the leading search engines worldwide that is used to find information thus making it important to have your page displayed on the first page so that visitors are directed to your website resulting in increased traffic.Blogger SEO

Google Guidelines: What you need to know

Google guidelines on SEO are broken down into three segments, which are technical, quality, design and content. These guidelines are basically suggestions that when adopted in the development of content make it easier for Google to find the site, index and even rank it. The technical guidelines focus on the improvement of the site from its mechanical side and include aspects such as search bots and robots among others. On quality, the guidelines provided by Google are mainly used to curb behavior that is manipulative or deceptive to online users. Finally, the guidelines on content and design provide an outline of how content should be presented so that it can be easily found on Google whenever a person is searching for such information online.

Tips on using Google content and design guidelines to improve content

For a website to maintain high traffic at all times, it is important that the content provided is engaging and relevant to the audience. However, in some cases even great content can still be improved by taking into the consideration the content and design guidelines provided by Google. Some of these helpful guidelines include:

  • The hierarchy as well as text links on the website should be are clear so that every page can be reached when any one of them is clicked on. However, the links on the pages should be reasonable in number to avoid them looking cluttered.
  • Consider providing a site map of the site so that navigation is easier for users, especially if the links are many on multiple pages. Also, the links can direct users to pages that you consider to be important on the site.
  • The content on the site should be useful to your target audience and should be presented in an accurate and clear manner. Include keywords that those looking for such information would use when searching on Google.
  • When displaying important links, important names or content, it is better to use text instead of images because Google crawler will not recognize the words used in an image. In case, images are needed in the content then use “ALT” to add descriptive text.
  • Finally, consistently check for any links that may be broken and have them fixed, while also correcting HTML on the site.

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