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How a Brother Laser Printer Can Save Your Business

How a Brother Laser Printer Can Save Your Business


Regardless of whether you own a corporate business, run a home business or even work in a small office, having a Brother Colour Laser Printer can be a great asset as they offer both speed and high quality colour prints. What makes Brother Colour Laser Printers affordable and worth a look is the fact that they have network settings that allow multiple users to take advantage of the features which includes their duplexing abilities. In addition to the many features that colour laser printers bring to the table, they have been coming down in price as well over the years, and now ranging anywhere from $299 to $600+. A great example is the Brother DCPL8450 from Printernet.co.uk.

One of the many great features about colour laser printers is that they have the ability to “duplex” meaning that these printers are capable of printing on both sides of the page and is often an automatic feature. This of course is useful for those who want to be eco-friendly, maximize the speed of the printer and save money as less paper is being used. An interesting note to make is that colour laser printers by Brother also cost less per page to print, even with full colour, than any leading inkjet machine. In addition to saving you money on the amount of paper you use, high quality color laser printers will print up to 25 pages of text per minute. This will be less if you are printing in full colour for graphics or using picture output as this takes more time of course.

Now because colour laser printers are generally considered to be higher in quality than their inkjet counterparts, the ink output will also be of higher quality, meaning there won’t be any ink that is wasted. A lot of the time, printers will end up using too much ink rather than using the correct amount and by having a higher grade machine; the longevity of your ink will be greater. Yes ink will cost more with the color laser printers because they have more drums but the quality will outweigh this. Brother Colour Laser printers will come with a USB connection either or can be connected via Ethernet and many models will be made to be compact for small office spaces.

If your office carries out a lot of plain, black and white document printing, you may want to consider a monochrome laser printer. These tend to be much cheaper than their colour counterparts and importantly the toner cartridges are cheaper. So if you are doing a lot of document printing a monochrome printer would be the better choice. The ideal combination is a colour printer to create stunning brochures, flyers and covers alongside a monochrome workhorse laser printer to deal with those workaday document printing tasks. Equipping your office with two printers also provides a useful failsafe for those occasions when you have an urgent print job but one printer needs a replacement toner cartridge.

Spend a few moments, perhaps over a coffee, considering exactly what your office printing needs are. Do you need a colour printer? How many documents per day does your office create? How many people routinely make use of your printers? Answering these questions will help you decide on the right printing strategy for your business.

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