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Is Hiring a Web Designer Worth the Money

Is Hiring a Web Designer Worth the Money?

There is an old saying that claims “the first impression is the lasting impression.”

We all know this to be true in the offline world when it comes to dealing with people, but did you know this applies just as much online? I am of course referring to your web presence. When someone looks at it, what is their first impression?

One of the areas I used to cheap out on was the designs of my websites. I wasn’t necessarily being cheap. I was just crazy picky in what I wanted my sites to look like. Heck, I always assumed if I wanted it done right, I better do it myself.

The sad truth was, I had no idea what I was doing. In fact, I didn’t even use photoshop back then and instead just used a cheap editing software that came prepackaged with my 25 dollar printer.

Long story short, I have gotten a lot better at using photoshop, but I am no where near happy with doing my own designs. Besides creating my own ebook covers at MyeCoverMaker.com, I outsource all major graphic work to my friend Susan.

Sure, it costs me a pretty dollar every time I have her create fancy graphics for me, but it is worth it in my opinion. After all, the first impression is the lasting impression. No?

A lot of people have a hard time paying artists (in this case graphic designers) larger chunks of money just because they have no concept of what is all involved. In fact, they often claim “but it only took you 2 hours to do this for me, you should not be charging me 300 dollars for it.”

True or not, a good graphic designer is worth their weight in gold!

Story is told of Leonardo Da Vinci that he was approached by a rich business man to create his portrait. Apparently Da Vinci declined but the business man insisted, offering him 10 thousand dollars worth of money for it.

Da Vinci agrees and does the painting. 10 minutes later he is done and hands the business man his portrait. The business man exclaims “wait a minute. It took you 10 minutes, I am not giving you all that money!”

Da Vinci responded with “good sir, it took me my whole life to learn the skill needed to do this portrait in 10 minutes. Now hand over the money!”

Took often we tend to overlook that last part – especially when it comes to our artsy friends. If you can do the work yourself, great. If not and you expect it to be done right, don’t hesitate to pay a pretty penny for it. You get what you pay for. Or as the Australian trucker would say: Pay peanuts get money!

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