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Hd Free Wallpaper download and Cool Collection of Images

I will be showing to you an application which will enhance the feel of
your phone and which will be the best HD wallpaper application for your phone. The name of the
app is Backdrops and it has High Resolution images. So let’s get into the video. The step is that you have to download the application named backdrops from the Play Store and you can

Free Wallpaper HD download Collection

check the link in the description so have you downloaded it now let me review the application. So the application mostly consists of different kinds of images along with a pic of the day and some other things which enable you to save images set images and also favorite the images. Thank you guys for watching the video and stay tuned to hit that subscribe  happy birthday wishes for wife

Hello Friends, and welcome again to our channel,
“The Teacher”. Everyone loves to have a great customized desktop experience, especially
when using Windows on their systems. Windows in built features let you customize the look
and feel of your desktop and there are thousands of third-party applications, which add more
functionality to it. You might want to haven Animated Desktop just like mine. So, keep
watching this video as we will reveal the secret in a minute.This is my very first video, when I am going
to use a third-party app to customize my Windows Desktop. I don’t like to bother my computer
by installing unnecessary apps, especially those which runs on system startup and keep
running in the background. But the Desk Scopes from Star dock is a bit different. It lets
you have an Animated Background on your Desktop,and I am sure your friends are going to ask
you, how you did this? Before we continue,let me clear you one thing. No matter, which
app you use to have an Animated Desktop, they all are CPU, GPU and Memory extensive applications
and I will advise you, not to run those apps on a low-end specification computer. When
running, these applications may consume an average of 10% of your CPU and which could
be a nightmare on computers having low-end processor and graphic card. If you have a
good system like having Intel Core i3 or i5,plenty of RAM, and a high-end graphic card,
then you can follow the next steps.So, let’s get started. First you need to download
Desk scapes and the link is given in the description.It cost you around 10$, but the good thing
is, you can try it for 30 days for free. Once you downloaded and install the app, you will
be asked to activate the app by clicking on the link sent you through by email. After
a successful activation, you can use Desks capes to customize your desktop.

amazing blue car hd wallpapers download
The first thing that you will see is a list of different wallpapers in the left side pane,
and if you are only concern about the Animated Wallpapers alone, then click the top left
button, and uncheck Wallpapers, so you now only have animated wallpapers in the list.
Select a dream, and you will be shown a preview win the right side pane, and below you have
a few more settings that you can configure for that particular dream. Especially the
Effects that you can apply on that particular scene.

Beautiful Henna Mehndi Designs-free-hd-wallpaper-for-girls
One more good thing about the Desks capes is,it lets you have different animated backgrounds,
if you are using Multiple Monitors with your system, like as I have two monitors attached
with my system, I can easily apply different back grounds for both monitors. So, here now
I have a nice animated desktop background.Now, let me show you the CPU usage in Task
Manager. See, as I said earlier, those applications use a lot of system resources and may slow
down your system performance. But Dream Scopes gives you an alternative. In the busy working
hours, when your only concern is system speed and don’t want to burden your system with
an Animated Dream, then you can easily stop the animation by right-clicking on the Desktop,
and then click Pause Desks capes, and it will in scantly free up your system resources. Later,
you can resume it following the same method.As there are only a few dream scenes available
by default, but if you want more then you can download more from Win Customize by clicking
the link below. You have to search in the Win Customize for some free animated backgrounds,
as many of them are paid once. Just download them, and then double-click to add them into
Desks capes.Later, if you need to configure the Desks cape
settings, then you can either open it through All Apps section of the Start menu, or by
right-clicking on Desktop and choose Configure Desks capes Good Morning Images.
Lastly, if you have a video clip that you want to place as an Animated Background on
your desktop, then Desks capes let you do this through Dream Maker. First you need to type
here a Dream Name, a short description about the Dream, and a thumbnail of 256×256 pixel.
Then you need to define the contents that you want to use in your animation. Like, I
want to use a single video file of AVI format for my dream. Then a bit information about
the Author. That’s it. Click Create Dreamland the rest process is done by Dreams cape
automatically. Double-click the Dream to audit the collection.
I hope you will find this video interesting and informative. Do leave your comments, hit
the thumbs up button if you like this video,and share it with your friends. Thanks for
watching and have a good day!


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