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Automated Versus Manual Backlink Building

My good friend Susan Bird wrote a post a number of months ago about how manually built backlinks have more ranking power than Online backlinks maker built with automation software and although I generally agree with her, I had to disagree with her on this one.

You see, the beauty of modern software development is that it allows you to automate the same tasks one once did manually. If the software is good enough, there is no reason why it could not build as good a quality backlink as if it was manually built by a human.


I am a big believer in software. Not only has it created many jobs – it has replaced many jobs as well. All in all, it is software that has lead to the rapid expansion of human knowledge and the development of modern technology.

Heck, we are in the day and age where software updates on electric cars give them longer range. How crazy is that?

The old saying “computers are only as smart as the people operating them” is no longer true. In fact, we are at a point in time where we can ask a stupid question and yet the computer will spit out a genius response.

I don’t know about you, but I believe we are witnessing an exciting time in history. Technology is advancing so quickly that college and university students majoring in the field of technology are out of touch the day they cross the graduation stage. Isn’t it awesome?

Back to what my friend Susan was saying though, I have to partially agree. Despite all the advances we have made, we can not replicate the human soul or human spirit. In fact, there is just something unique and special about the human touch.

At the end of the day, whether it is building backlinks by software or by hand, you should do it properly and not take shortcuts. This goes for anything really. Do it right the first time or your success will be short lived.

Remember: You reap what you sow!



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