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Affiliate Marketing Online Course

Affiliate Marketing Online Course
Affiliate Marketing is about selling the others product/service online, in return of some commission. Importantly, in Affiliate Marketing you are not responsible of any loss. In-fact, there is nothing to loss, but everything to gain, Cool! That is, if you want to be an Affiliate Marketing expert then immediately register yourself for Certify Monster’s Online Affiliate Marketing Course.
A well-managed affiliate marketing program can ensure you the real success. It sound so simple to incorporate the Affiliate Marketing, but it is easy to say then done. Without getting the full knowledge you would not be able to conduct this marketing. The training from professionals can solve your problem. This one-month course will enrich you with practical exposure and you can earn handsome amount of money.
The following are the course outlines of this course:
1.      Introduction
2.      What is Affiliate Marketing
3.      Getting Started
4.      Landing Page and Testing
5.      Dollars & Sense: Worthy vs. Fraudulent
6.      Advanced Tactics in Affiliate Marketing
7.      The Advertiser’s Perspective
8.      Key Things to Look Out For
9.      Taking it to the Next Level
10.  Affiliate Marketing Done Right
Along with the HD videos, we have also included high quality attorney drafted agreements, such as:
·         Affiliate Program Agreement
·         Website Hosting Agreement
·         Internet Advertising Services Agreement
·         Proposal for Online Marketing Services
·         Comprehensive eBook to reinforce video terms and lessons
The course contains the complete theoretical and practical knowledge. At the end of the course, the students need to submit their final report to get the certificate. This report is compulsory for every member, without its submission, they would not get certificate. In practical, students have to perform the Affiliation marketing for a website.
So immediately take our Online Affiliate Marketing Course. To get register, become a member of Certify Monster by completing the registration form. Whenever you want to get the lessons, you need to sign in using your account.

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