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Access Control

In the information technology field, access control gives opportunity to a partial or selective access to a place or other resources. The actual meaning of accessing is entering, consuming or using. Authorization means is to access a resource.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

You will be able to know the recovery of the business disasters. A well business continuity plans kept your business up and running through interruptions of any kind, failures in power, IT system crashes and recovery, natural disasters and recovery, supply chain problems and recovery and more.


It will provide you basic study of communication and techniques in a secure environment, to prevent the user from the malicious entity (Adversaries) which restricts to achieve the goal.

Information Security Governance and Risk Management

Basic principle of the security, Data classification, Management Policies, Integrity of data, Awareness about the risk of Danial of service attacks, data confidentially, qualitative risk assessment.

Legal, Regulations, Investigations and Compliance

Cyber crime and Cyber laws, Types of laws, privacy issues, investigate crime incidents, intellectual properties, Regulations; mendates

Operations Security

Precautions about the security risk, malware, open source security threats, tools of the security events, identify and use of hardware and also control, auditing and monitoring tools and mechanisms, operations security vulnerability.

Physical (Environmental) Security

Armed security guards, security house placement, security guard duties, security of events, security alarms and knowledge about operating system, layer of barriers, prevention of unauthorized entities to the secured area, security cams placement, value of asset of the offices, houses and others at risk and setting, points of failure and rework without any compromise, information about complete security system.

Security Architecture and Design

This will bring the capabilities to you to manage the structure and design of security, security planning, security issues and explanation, security countermeasures, support and implementation of security policies, knowledge about critical security concerns.

Telecommunications and Network Security

Basic and primary knowledge about the security of voice and textual data between the networks, security of local area network and WAN’s security measures and mechanisms, countermeasures of the security in the telecom sector, approach to networking and mechanism of security in the network, TCP/IP models, routers and extra-net.

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